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Courses with Asokananda's authorized teachers in

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Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

with Laurino

in BEWATER, Orvieto


09 Sept 2017 to 16 Sept 2017

As Amma beatifully words it:"The wound will not cured if it is treated by merely applying medicine externally. The external wound is only a symptom of a desease which we have within". the pourpose of the theory of therapy lines is to treat the scars that we hold deep inside,dissolve them ,and trasform then in pure happiness.

In this time together, we will see the detailed running of the 10 energy lines( the 10 sens)-the fondation for an acient therapeutic tradition - in thai yoga massage. Most importantly,with a variety exercises,we will esperience each line and their qualities - both as givers and ricivers-and place a seed for an inward undestanding and intuitive therapeutic use of this acient tradition.

6 hours of Massage Class daily
Vipassana meditation, Yoga / QiGong classes are
offered in the morning
Dhamma Talks and Bajans in the evenings
Food (three Vegan or Vegetarian meal per day) and Accommodation

prerequisite for this course:
60hr. study on Thai Yoga Massage

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Valerio or Francesco

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