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Courses with Asokananda's authorized teachers in

Mexicoflag mexico

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

with Ivan Medici

in Puerto Escondido

Beginner Course

7th – 18th August 2014

During the course we will learn how to give a full body massage, to keep a correct body posture, to breath correctly, and how to use the body weight correctly in order to obtain an effective work for the receiver and to protect the body of the giver. Also how to distinguish and locate the main energy lines “SEN” and how to work them. We will learn some pressure points and their therapeutic application, and some technique for relaxation and concentration.

-6 .30 wake up
-7.00-9.00 yoga and meditation (some days by the beach)
-9.00-10.00 breakfast
-10.00-13.00 massage lessons
-13.00-15.00 lunch
-15.00-18.00 massage lessons
-18.00-20.00 dinner

Some evenings there will be lessons on Vipassane meditation and how to practivctice, practice time and mantra chantings.

For information and registration please contact:

Pete Adams

E-Mail: pete.adams@healing-haven.com

Visit us: www.facebook.com/HealingRetreat


contact: Ivan Medici

E-Mail: mediv03@yahoo.it

Visit us: www.yogatrail.com

Phone: 0039 329 4792884

For classes of other authorized teachers in Mexico, please contact
the teachers on the